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Technical Specifications

What Makes the Jinghma R3 Best in Class?
48V LED-Scheinwerfer

6061 Aluminum alloy rear frame

The rear rack is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable, not only light but also durable, so you no longer have to worry about the need to load things when you travel!

Integriertes Bremsrücklicht

800W Brushless Powerful Motor

The 800w brushless motor uses a permanent magnet stator to replace mechanical communication and brushes to reduce friction loss and increase speed. Therefore, it can continuously provide stable horsepower for electric bicycles, allowing you to experience the ultimate speed experience!

Shimano 7-Gang-Schaltwerk>

Double Shock Absorbers

The strong high strength carbon steel suspension fork and the rear suspension ensure your smooth riding even on bumpy roads. Jinghma R3 offers cushioning and shock absorption even when driving on different terrains and is also very pleasant when driving.

Mechanische Scheibenbremsen

12.8ah×2 Large capacity lithium battery

Lithium battery has overcharge, overvoltage, overdischarge, overcurrent, discharge circuit board, temperature and disconnection protection, so even if you charge it overnight, you don't need to worry, the battery will automatically power off when fully charged, and will not cause safety problems

Gepäckträger mit großer Nutzlast>

LED Smart HD Meter

The intelligent waterproof controller is located in the center of the front of the bike, which belongs to the front probe type high-definition LCD screen. It is in a conspicuous position, allowing you to quickly and clearly observe all the driving information of the electric bicycle during driving, reducing the worry during driving.。

Twist Gas am rechten Lenker


R3 electric bicycle is equipped with disc brake and power-off system. When you brake, the e-bike cuts power and activates the braking system. Stop the electric bike quickly to ensure driving safety. The R3 adopts a dual shock absorption system, with 26*2.0-inch tires, so that the vehicle has a good shock absorption effect on daily roads, and can better adapt to various road conditions such as snow, roads, beaches, and mountains.

What Makes It Special

助力车 式 自行车 车架 材料

Electric City Bike


大功率 轻便 摩托车 齿轮 轮 毂 电机





lithium battery


UP TO 100





大个子 电动 自行车

330 lbs


Jinghma R3 Electric City Bike

Electric folding city bike

The electric bicycle R3 uses a high-strength aluminum alloy frame. The battery is built into the frame, which not only saves space, but also makes the bike's exterior design more attractive, while also ensuring safety and durability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
There is no service support for this bikle

The bike is OK except for the brakes which are not effective. However, there is no service support. I have been trying for several days to order a wheel and shock absorber that were damaged after an accident, but I have no answer.

Reburg-Home Kft
Very good!!

Excellent product amazing
Sold my car only use this 🚲

Amya Stehr

Congratulations to the seller. He's a trusted man who communicates well. He refunded me quickly, because I was asking for a particularity that was no longer possible. So he made a mistake but was able to react quickly to refund me. I found the particularity of the bike at another brand.
I recommend this seller.

Nelda Yundt

Very good. Bike was on the stock. fast delivery. Just 6 days. Feedback about e-bike will come later on

Gretchen Kris

This is a very surprising bicycle. It was to me after delivered within 3 days, great gift. The installation is very easy. I like this bicycle very and highly recommend it.

frame wheel / A 12.8ah battery - €1.299,00
  • frame wheel / A 12.8ah battery - €1.299,00
  • frame wheel / two 12.8ah batteries - €1.399,00


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