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Technical Specifications

What Makes the R7 Best in Class?
48V LED-Scheinwerfer

CST large fat tires

Because of its larger size, the fat tire has more and larger teeth, which makes it extremely grippy, and Jinghma R7 can effectively increase the friction, so as to ensure your safety and comfort on the road.

Integriertes Bremsrücklicht

advanced shock absorbers

The large suspension with advanced shock absorbers has excellent shock absorption capacity, allowing you to pass through the steep road as smoothly and stable as sitting in a car.

Shimano 7-Gang-Schaltwerk>

800w brushless motor

The powerful motor has good external characteristics and can output large torque at low speed, so that it can provide large initial torque, and Jinghma R7 has high efficiency and strong overload capacity.

Mechanische Scheibenbremsen

Removable lithium battery

There are two charging methods for lithium batteries, one can be disassembled to charge at home or office area, and the other is directly charged, but you don't need to worry about being stolen, because Jinghma R7 is a hidden battery, no one can find it its location. This allows you to choose the charging method according to your own situation to meet your various needs.

Gepäckträger mit großer Nutzlast>

Clear HD display

Jinghma R7 is equipped with a high-definition LED display. Compared with ordinary displays, it has a long life and strong hardness, and will not easily crack or break the screen. At the same time, it generates less heat and will not be damaged by overheating cause safety problems.

Twist Gas am rechten Lenker

Shimano 7 Speed Transmission

Jinghma R7 is using a wide-range Shimano 7-gear shifting to provide expert control on the electric bike. The ideal gear steps facilitate seamless transitions to perfectly match your terrain and riding style.

What Makes It Special

助力车 式 自行车 车架 材料


folding ebike

大功率 轻便 摩托车 齿轮 轮 毂 电机




48V 12.8ah



UP TO 80





大个子 电动 自行车

330 lbs



20inch electric bike

The electric bicycle R7 is equipped with a double-disc oil brake and a power-off system. When you brake, the electric bicycle will cut off the power and turn on the braking system. Let the electric bicycle stop quickly to ensure driving safety.

2×12.8ah lithium battery - €1.399,00
  • 2×12.8ah lithium battery - €1.399,00
  • 1×12.8ah lithium battery - Sold out


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